Navigating Business Through the Technical Waters of Software

Lighthouse Patterns is an excellence-missioned software solutions provider, empowering our clients to become and remain leaders in their industry.

We facilitate their success by creating custom-tailored, world-class software products delivered on time/budget, composed on a robust web platform.

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The Difference

Are you tired of failed software projects? Or are you done with paying for expensive big-named product implementations that do not deliver as promised or leave a lot to be desired when all said and done? Or are you afraid of what the time, effort and expense would be to have a custom software solution created and tailored to your exact needs? Let's face it, for businesses trying to navigate around these rocks, there are some stormy, uncertain waters out there.

The good news is it doesn't have to be this way! Lighthouse Patterns is a full, custom-solution provider enabling us to calm these waters so a route to success is clear. Whether it is building a new web product for retail or a mission-critical operations/enterprise system, we are ready to tackle any familiar or uncharted area. Due to the dynamic of the teams, level of expertise retained, and mastery of the development disciplines, Lighthouse Patterns is reliably able to meet or exceed expectations on time and under budget.

Keystone Component Fibers

This is due in large part to Keystone, a suite of Component Fibers in our Solution Fabric. This seasoned, in-house web platform, generator and pool of pre-built applications allows our teams to produce robust, consistent products in less time and effort.

Keystone and the overall Solution Fabric we employ have a two-fold benefit to our clients. First, the process is often far less painful (including the analysis phase), while lending to highly successful projects. Since we can produce working prototypes relatively quickly, we often use this to help define and refine the target requirements, being able to make certain types of changes with ease. It is our philosophy that a customer doesn't typically really know what they want until they see it. So we make allowances for this in our development lifecycle as well as our bids.

It has the second benefit of generally costing significantly less than a comparable system. Many of our clients need solutions tailored to the exact bend of their business. Sometimes there are expensive off-the-shelf options. But many times these solutions end up being a square peg in a round hole, if not failing completely. Our clients are often surprised that we not only cost less than any custom-solutions competitor, but are occasionally even less than the rigid product company too, and they wish we were their first call.

Keystone Suite
Constantly evolving and maturing, our in-house web platform and system generation is truly world class and one of a kind (and has been evolving since 2008).

The platform is one of our secret weapons, exemplifying decades of general technical acumen, as well as specific experience building frameworks, platforms and generators.
Security First
Many vendors treat security as an afterthought. We bake it in from the beginning, having designed our Keystone platform around it, with dials to fine-tune.

We proactively target a level of security that doesn't just meet the need, but exceeds it. Ask us about our numerous security-implementation policies and levels of Defense-in-Depth.
Deployment Options
The Keystone platform affords many deployment models, from on-premise installations to hybrid or public cloud to multi-tenant SaaS hosted models.

Scalability is a first-class concern. Among many other techniques, we eliminate user session footprint (which bodes well for load balancing) and have multiple levels of caching strategy.
Service Record
Since operations began in 1999, we have a perfect score in customer satisfaction and have never lost a client. We are committed to the mission of preserving that record.

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality solutions, fueled by a philosophy to always meet (as we strive to exceed) expectations. If you are not thrilled, neither are we.

Sampling of Field & Industry Expertise

We are a full, custom-solution provider, ready to tackle any familiar or uncharted area.

The Solution

Constantly Evolving Foundation & Structure

All of our custom software solutions are built on our comprehensive in-house web platform Keystone, which furnishes incredible robustness, stability, consistency, security, data integrity, and scalability within the products delivered. This is the foundation that we project our custom solutions onto, achieving world-class software.

Additionally, with this common core and system generator, bugs are drastically reduced while also increasing ease of supportability since each solution has the same structure and convention.

Unswerving Adherence to Design Patterns

Discipline. This one word encapsulates the essence of not just the solution teams, but the Keystone fibers themselves. Each product reflects over 30 tried-and-true design patterns and best patterns/practices, each faithfully and consistently employed.

From our seasoned agile Keystone SDLC Process to our Keystone Generator, as well as the regular training and code reviews, there are many disciplines that enforce these patterns. Cutting corners is for art, not building reliable systems. After all, design patterns are where we derive part of our name from.

The Service

Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

What makes the Lighthouse Patterns team unique is the level of excellence and integrity exemplified in all interactions, big or small, internal or external. It is no wonder that some of the current clients have been on board since the company's start in 1999.

Furthermore, Lighthouse Patterns is committed to locally-based teams due to the creativity, energy and collaboration that cannot be achieved any other way, both within our walls but also with our clients.

Actively Cultivating Relationships

We are not looking for another project, but for a long-term partner. Combined, our management team has over a century of technical experience and desire to help our partners confidently navigate through these swiftly-changing waters of technology.

This relationship-focus is not just toward our clients, but also within. This is why many of the team members have worked side-by-side for over a decade or longer. We work hard but also know how to play hard. Lighthouse Patterns purposely fosters a fun, healthy and balanced place of business.

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